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Gear Pumps

Centerage Gear pumps are Suitable for delivery of liquids with lubricating capacity without content of mechanical abrasive solids, available for pumping all kinds of oil, petroleum,, emulsions, suds, molasses, tars, Lyses, varnishes, soluble glass, etc .They are also applicable for lubricating and cooling system of various machines and equipments for low pressure hydraulic drives, etc.

  • All variant of fuel & lube oil
  • Chemical additive & polymer materials
  • Chemical mixing & blendes (double pump)
  • Industrial & mobile hydraulic application ( log splitter lifts,...)
  • Acid & caustic ( stainless steel or composite construction)
  • Low volume transfer application

Outlet: 60 up to 250 mm

Power: 2.2 up to 450 kw

Capacity: 10 up to 250 m3/h ( & to 500m3/h upon request)

Head: 6 up to 30 bar

Fluid temp: up to 200°C

Shaft: CK 45

Impeller: CK 45

Casing: Ductile Cast Iron , Cr. steel