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Double Suction Split Case Pumps (AP1610)

In single stage double suction split case centerage pumps, the casing is axially split, which permits complete removal of particles, without moving either piping or motor, pumps generating high heads have double volutes to reduce radial forces.

  • Cooling water
  • Water supply/distribution
  • Fire Protection
  • Metal manufactories
  • Irrigation
  • General industries services

Outlet: Up to 1000 mm

Power: 30 up to 2000 kw

Capacity: Up to 4000 m3/h

Head: Up to 180m

Fluid temp: Up to 180°C

Speed: 600-900-1450 rpm

Test press: 35 bar

Shaft: Stainless Steel 420

Impeller: Stainless Steel Alloy, Bronze

Casing: Stainless Steel Alloy, Bronze , C. steel